Mark Blomquist has been a practicing audio engineer since he was a senior in highschool. He's learned from eleven-plus years of hands-on experience with modern digital recording technology, combining contemporary production techniques with traditional audio principles.

While in Boston attending Berklee College of Music in 2005, Mark refined his abilities as an audio engineer; from tracking to mixing and mastering. He also studied music theory and drumset technique with drummers like Casey Scheuerell (Chaka Khan, Jean-Luc Ponty), Sean Skeete (Blue Man Group) and Richard Flanagan (Boston Symphony Orchestra).

Based in upstate New York, Mark now operates Relayer Audio as a recording and mixing service for local and regional artists who want to start a new project from scratch, or anyone with an internet connection and some tracks to send over. All the soundcloud examples found on this page were recorded and mixed by Relayer Audio!