When you're a band or musician in the modern market, an experienced 3rd party can be critical for streamlining your sound to acheive it's maximum potential. Having an unbiased set of ears during all phases of the recording and mixing process is essential when it comes to avoiding problems later on down the line.

And sometimes, a great song you've laid down yourself just needs a great mix, and that doesn't always have to mean expensive hours at a big studio. Thanks to modern technology, it's easier than ever to record your own tracks, and Relayer Audio offers professional mixing for artists looking to have their raw tracks mixed at very affordable rates. Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) provides a quick and easy means of sending the large quantity of audio data involved in a typical session over the internet, as well as returning the completed mixes to the client.

Full 32-bit digital recording and mixing:

A formal education in the field on top of over eleven years of direct hands-on experience is at your disposal when you record your next project with Relayer Audio. Digital multi-track recording allows a previously unheard-of degree of flexibility when it comes to all stages of the production process. This ease directly translates to the recording experience for the artist, saving them both time and money.

For detailed information on rates (both for new recording projects as well as remote mixing\mastering), please contact Mark Blomquist via gmail: relayeraudio@gmail.com